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An SEO strategy is multi-faceted and requires an array of professional and expert efforts: content targeting, engineered web design, online marketing, search analytics, and more. Continual and improving optimization efforts must occur across all aspects of an SEO initiative – from online to social media, from pre- to post-sales. The objective is to constantly update and refresh actionable content that keep new clients engaged and search engines happy. In addition, search reports must be analyzed so that keyword optimizations can be continually applied.

Search Engine Optimization is the most cost-effective form of marketing available, delivering targeted traffic to your corporate site for pennies per visitor.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) includes a range of activities designed to increase traffic to your corporate site. The two major components are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), utilizing the intrinsic search functionality provided by search engines, and paid search (or Pay-Per-Click, PPC). Potential clients are four times more likely to click on a natural search result than through a paid search result. True, sustainable results are quite difficult to achieve, especially on competitive keywords or search terms. Strategic SEO strategies integrate many components: technical, logical, textual, contextual, analytical, and intellectual.


Many placement factors are beyond your control – specifically the efforts made by your competitors to improve their own results. The success of any given business online is not a question of money, but rather the skill and expertise leveraged to achieve prominence on the web. Ergo, a consistent and earnest effort must be made to keep content fresh and keywords continually updated based upon the latest metrics.

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While search engines are constantly updating their algorithms to combat ‘black hat’ practices, enhanced results require an array of legitimate and hard-earned efforts. And any site that is caught trying to ‘game’ the system risks being banned for indeterminate periods – months, years, even permanently. Therefore, content must be ‘honest’ and written with real objectives in mind, not just as a vehicle for keyword-laden search engine content. Search engines only analyze raw text – not site elements such as images and scripts. A proper balance between contextual content and non-searchable content must be struck.

It is critical that your corporate site is streamlined for search engine algorithms. Your entire site’s infrastructure will undergo analysis and ongoing development to eradicate optimization defects and ensure that it does not appear artificial.

A critical element of an SEO strategy is the ongoing process of link building through a combination of link quality assurance, intelligent deep-linking, and anchor text management, sustained through constant monitoring and adjustment.


This effort requires continuous maintenance – monthly or weekly updates to content. Reports must be constantly reviewed and mined for the most useful content terms.

Every week, millions of online transactions begin with search. Headline Channel delivers vastly-improved search results through a combination industry-leading expertise and an experienced technical staff.

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