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Real-Time Ad Bidding

Real Time Bidding is an essential all-encompassing service that every online business must use in order to keep ahead of their competition. It allows for the buying and selling of traffic in Real Time

Audience Targeting

Reach the right audience at the right time with the right message.

Visitor Retargeting

Recapture your targeted visitor and reminds them of your high quality services or products. This repeat brand exposure with increase your visitors and conversions.

Time of Day Targeting

Target your audience any time you specifically want to. Day Part Targeting also allows you to advertise targeting a specific event or holiday.

Contextual Targeting

Display your ads and targets potential customers at the precise moment they are anticipating the purchase of a product or service just like yours.

Third Party Targeting

Third Party Online Data is the preferred data source for audience targeting, it is also being ranked as the most effective source of direct response and branding campaigns

Geo Targeting

Advertise only to the area that you service. Geo Targeting is perfect for your business as it will allow you to target a specific geographical location.

Zip Code Targeting

In online advertising, zip code targeting is the effective geographical targeting of advertisements based on the visitors zip code.

DMA Targeting

First introduced by The Nielsen Television Group. It allows bushiness to target a more specific group of people and it is essential to small or local business owners.

Ranking Campaigns

Achieve top rankings against their business competition.

Content & Authority

Deliver professional content through multiple online channels.

Links & Mentions

Receive online links and referrals from around the online community.

Social Media Marketing

Become prominent within the leading social communities.


Achieve leading positions for each of your business locations.

Public Relations

Promote your business activities to the leading PR firms.

Video Production

World-class video production services.

Live Rankings

View your site rankings live.

Design & Development

Leading online design and development. Highly secure hosting.

Our Portfolio Works

Manhattan Multimedia

A mid-level PR and multimedia firm based in NYC.

B2B Agriculture Exchange

An industry-specific business-to-business exchange focused on the agriculture industry.

Lifestyle · Multimedia
Lifestyle Site

A site devoted to recreation and leisure, with a target

Lifestyle · Travel
Travel Portal

A leading online travel information and reservations portal.

"Headline Channel built our site from scratch around 6 months ago. It has Page Rank 4 and we have the top two spots in Google."
Daniel B.NYSFF
"Our industry is very competitive – and we were paying a lot for not-great results. We now hold a dozen Page One rankings against some big-spending competition in our industry, at a third of what we were spending each month."
"We maintain a media brand that spans radio, film, and events. With the help of Headline Channel, we now rank for seven of the top ten front page spots, including every one of the top six."
"We reached Page One for our main keyword in 3 months. We’ve turned over all online work to Headline Channel and are very pleased."
"Our member signups and event sales increased 3x since we got serious about our marketing. There is no comparison to how we were before!"
Heather S.Manhattan FM
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